Fireman saves a family of four during a house fire.

Last night the Johnson family used a barbeque grill to make some steak ,and they forgot that they didn't turn off the grill. As they were enjoying their food they noticed that their walls surrounding them were on fire. Immediatley they called 911 and tried to put out the fire but they noticed that the harder they tried to put it out it got worse. They tried to use everything they had to stall before the fireman arrive. Soon enough they found themselves trapped, and helpless, there was fire everywhere and smoke in the air all they could do is wait until help came

As the Johnson family doubted that they would survive the fire soon enough, they could hear the fire sirens get louder and closer. They could hear hoses spary water into the house but it seemed as if they would need more water. Then suddenly a fireman heard a scream and immediatley he ran in there with his gear to go help out as much as he could. He saw the family all in acircle curled up where there was fire all around them.Then He asks permition to be able to take the two children and then come back for his wife and himself, Mr.Johnson says yes but to hurry before they start to get burned.

The fireman saves the children safely, now he is moving on to the parents carrying each parent on both of his shoulders. The brave fireman was put on the news for his acts of courage hoping to inspire other average people to do the right thing.

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